Lumos Counseling Tucson

About Us

What is Lumos?

Lumos – a fictional word representing light in a story and, to us, symbolizes awareness of ourselves, our situations, and our potential for growth. Here at Lumos, our belief is that we have within us inherent wisdom we can tap into to make the best decisions for ourselves. Those moments of insight where we start to trust ourselves and align where we are at with where we want to be, sparked the idea for Lumos.   

Why Lumos?

Here at Lumos, we believe therapy is a safe place to pause and reflect on what matters most to us, to nonjudgmentally explore why we feel stuck and consider what we want to be different; to put simply, to create awareness. Life is full of change, from what happens to us internally, to the larger systems we are a part of. Unexpected or chronic stressful situations can understandably pull us off course, leaving us feeling out of sync, confused, and disconnected. Creating space where you can pause and consider your needs is a valuable gift to yourself.

The research, as well as our personal experiences, shows that the biggest predictor of success in therapy is the relationship that is fostered. We are therefore committed to giving you the time and space to listen and understand you and where you are coming from. Therapy can either be in-person or using a HIPPA compliant, teletherapy platform.